Roles and Responsibilities - HSV Roadrunner Club
as of Nov 2, 2015
The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected positions and 
ARTICLE 4 - OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS in the By Laws specifies their requirements.
Additional Roles and responsibilities are in the By Laws and are listed below:
The President shall preside at all meetings, represent the club in the community and participate in community affairs when called upon to do so. He/she appoints chairpersons for all committees necessary to conduct all activities of the club. All committees report to the President. Suggested committees are in the Club Policies and Procedures.
Vice President
The Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence or inability of the President. He/she shall also be the Program Chairperson and have speakers or special events as appropriate.
The Secretary (or desginated secretary) is responsible for taking the minutes of all meetings and keeping a hard copy of such. The Secretary shall forward a copy of the minutes to the Webmaster so they may be posted on the Club Web Page.  The Secretary shall, when directed to do so by the President, mail out or email special announcements, recommended and/or approved Bylaw changes, and approved Policies and Procedures changes.  Any approved changes to the By Laws or Roles & Responsibilities shall also be forwarded to the Webmaster for inclusion on the Club Web Page.
The Treasurer shall have charge of all monies of the club and shall make a financial report at all regular meetings, shall pay all bills upon valid receipts, keep an itemized record of all receipts and expenditures, and turn over to the audit chairperson, within ten (10) days of vacating office, all books, records and papers. (Attachment A approved 5/4/15 addded the following): Issue invoices for any monies due the club.
The Nominating Committee has their role and responsibility established in the ByLaws.
 Nominating The nominating committee chairperson shall be appointed by the President in January. There will be at least three (3) members on the nominating committee. The current President shall not be a member of the nominating committee.  The nominating committee will present their slate of officers at the October meeting, at which time the President will call for nominations from the floor. All persons to be nominated must have already agreed to serve if elected.
The election of officers will be held at the November meeting. The officers will be elected by a majority vote of those members in attendance.
The newly elected officers will be installed at the December meeting and assume their duties immediately.
The following COMMITTEE Chair positions have a general description of their roles & responsibilites.
Committes may be added, combined, or deleted, by agreement of the elected officers of the Club.
The primary function is to audit the Clubs check book within ten (10) to thirty (30)days of the Treasurer vacating the office, or annually, if requested by the President.  Then make a report to the Club at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
The primary function is to give the opening prayer at the Club meetings.  Also, to provide prayer whenever appropriate.
 Christmas Party
Generally the Christmas Party is Coordinated by two couples and they plan ALL the details for the Party.  Then they reserve/schedule the party for the next December.  They also coordinate the "Toys for Tots" contributions received from the membership.
and / or Host(s)


This person (or couple) provides communition and details to the Club members for eash upcoming meeting or event.  They recap the reserved attendance and notify the host (s) or caterer the meal count for the meeting or event.  With the host(s) or each event or meeting they collect the dinner fee and match that to the reservation list and make a report during the business meeting.
and / or Host(s)


Approximately thirty Days in advance of a meeting this person (or couple) coordinates with the caterer the MENU for the next club meeting and they notify the Communication Chairperson to email the information to the membership.  They are also responsible for reserving all the meeting locations.
and / or Communications


This person (or couple) maintains the Club membership roles and collects the annual dues.  They make a report during the business meeting and announce any new members that have joined.  They also maintain a data base of the RV descriptions, addresses, phone number(s), and email addresses for each member.  At the beginning of each year they coordinated the establishment of a member directory and distribute the directory at the February meeting.
This person is to receive a trip write-up report with pictures from the Wagon Master at the conclusion of each trip.  They prepare a newspaper write-up and deliver it to the Village Voice for publication.  They also, upon receiving the email notice of a meeting, prepare an announcement for Village Voice publication.
This person receives any communication regarding the health and well being of members.  They mail a card acknowledging their situation and make a report of such at each business meeting.
 Travel Coordinator
This person encourages members to be a Wagon Master and plan travel trips.  They publicize the trips, coordinate the feedback of prior trips, and have Wagon Masters promote their trips at each meeting.  They develop a Trip Event and email announcement of the trip with details for distribution to each member.  They either set up this Trip event and email in Constant Contacts or ask the Webmaster to do so.  They maintain a historical report of each trip taken, coordinate Wagon Master training, and maintain inventory of the Clubs supplies and equipment in the Storage area.
 Web Master(s)
This person(s) are to maintain and keep current the web page and the Constant Contacts data base for email communitations.
New for 2016 is the position of Host(s) that will coordinate the Travel Meetings and / or General Business meetings.  See 2016 Meeting Format and Schedule tab.
There will be a “Host” (selected, volunteer or assigned) for each event.  The host will: (a) provide the meat dish for the group and coordinate a pavilion (if available) and will be reimbursed the cost of such from the $10 per rig sign-up fee or collect a surcharge from the participants if sufficient funds are not available*. (b) assure that everyone in attendance is introduced; (c) ask an attendee to do the Prayer before the potluck meal. (d) notify the participants of activities available in the meeting area, and (e) within a week after the event, the host will complete the “Host to Club Secretary” report form and send it to the Club Secretary.

 *IF NEEDED, the “Host” may request up to $50 from the Club with a receipt for reimbursement for the cost of a Pavilion meeting place.

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