RV Direct TV Dish, Tripod & Receiver for $75
Portable Ice Maker for $50
Call Tom Durant  915-9103


Steel bike carrier, can be used for one or two bikes. Fits in the receiver of the motorhome or car, $60.
call:   Steve Sassman 848-997-0887 or
email:   steves120845@yahoo.com


Art Morissette (contact: 915-8021)
For Sale:
Honda CRV for sale at McCann's as of Oct 18, 2018

For Sale:  Winegard Trav’ler automatic Multi Satellite Dish, Model SK-1000.  This came off of Jerry Gilbert’s Coach right after I purchased it from him.  This works only with Dish TV and I put a new one on my coach for DirecTV.  Jerry assures me it works but I have never used it.  $400 OBO.

Dennis VanLeeuwen 314-795-4686

Master Tow  Dolly with Surge Brakes, looks new, has a 4500lb tow capacity.
Asking $1200.00 OBO.
 Call: Cal Alexander at 501-204-4506​


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