2017 Wagon Master TRAINING will be conducted on ____ and ____ at 9:30 am at 66 Marinero Way.
(You only need to attend ONE of these training sessions)
You may Register by calling or emailing Steve Seitz at 915-0627 or sseitz@suddenlink.net

For any of the following forms used in Wagon Mastering constact Steve Seitz 

HSV Roadrunners – Wagon Master Check List
Before the Trip:
□    Develop an Itinerary:  Research the area either by internet, phone, U.S. mail, Chamber of Commerce, visit with others familiar with the area, or go visit the area.
□    Establish the Dates:  Determine the best dates for you to do the trip.
□    Select a campground(s):  Ask about deposit and cancellation policies; available facilities for social hours, group meals, or evening social; group rates, pets, taxes, and “comps.”  Make a reservation.
□    Estimate the trip costs:  Total for Campgrounds, Shows, Special events, transportation, tips, etc.
□    Develop an Advertising Display for the Roadrunner Monthly meetings.
□    Start a sign up list:  Collect the non-refundable $10 per rig sign-up fee and any Deposits that may be required for the Itinerary.  Get names, phone & cell #’s, and e mail addresses.
□    Communicate with the Roadrunners that have signed up for the trip, either by email or phone, and share with them the details of the trip itinerary and web pages of interest about the area being visited.
□    Send a copy (email or snail mail) of the budget and the roster of participants to your roadrunners with a requested payment schedule.
□    Get a HSV Roadrunners banner, bulletin board, and coffee urn from the travel chairman.
□    Recruit a photographer/journalist to collect information & pictures during the trip for later transmittal to the club’s Publicity Chair and Web Master.

The Trip:
□    Arrive at the first campground a day early to finalize arrangements.  Complete the “Campground Information Form” (Hospitals, Emergency #’s. Laundry, Wal-mart, Fuel, etc).  Put up the banner.  Pick up tickets to any group events.  Welcome others as they arrive.  Tell them where your rig is parked.
□    Make a list of attendees with their corresponding camp site number and distribute to each rig.
□    Introductions: At the first social hour make sure everyone knows everyone else.
□    Review the schedule:  Organize any pot luck meals (if there are to be any).  Give directions to group events.  Encourage car pools.  Announce morning coffee (if there is to be any).
□    Farewell:  Give all a chance to share experiences and good times.  Update the budget status and return any unused fees (if any).  Thank people who have helped with any of the arrangements.

After the Trip:
□    PublicityConfirm your designated photographer has sent the club’s Publicity Chair, pictures and summary of the trip. by the first Thursday following the trip.  Also, has emailed pictures to the clubs web-master so they may include them on our web page.
□    Complete the “Wagon Master to Travel Coordinator Report Form” and send it to the Club’s Travel Coordinator within a week of the trips completion.
□    Complete and submit “expense reimbursement” if necessary.
□    Return the HSV Roadrunners banner, bulletin board, and coffee urn to the travel chairman.

HSV Roadrunner Sign up sheet for ___________________ Trip
Dates: _____________________
    $10 non-refundable
  Name Paid Phone email address Cell Phone

 Campground Name:                                                                               
After hours office emergency phone number:                                           
Hospital/Medical Clinic:                                                                           
Is 911 service available (Y or N):                       
Or Other emergency number:                      
Veterinarian name and phone:                                                                 
Laundry location:                                                                                    
Wifi information and fees if any:                                                              
Closest Wal*Mart:                                                                                  
Or Closest grocery:                                                                           
Or Closest drugstore:                                                                        
Closest fuel:                                                                                           
Closest propane source:                                                                         


Wagon Master to Travel Coordinator Report Form
(Submit to Travel Coordinator within one week of trip completion)
Trip Dates: 
Destination(s) for Roadrunner Trip: 
Wagon Masters for the Trip: 
RV Campground(s) Name and Location(s) with Contact Name(s), Phone Number(s), approximate per night cost
List any special benefits of the campground(s): 
Location and directions to nearest Emergency MEDICAL facility
Location and directions to nearest Wal-mart, and / or Super Market, and / or Pharmacy
Location and directions to nearest Fuel supply (gas & diesel): 
Location and directions to nearest RV repair facility
List of Attraction(s) in the area that were attended by the Roadrunner Group with any highlights:  (Shows, Restaurants, Golf, Special attractions, etc):
Other Beneficial Comments
Number of Rigs: ______ and Last Names of Roadrunners who attended
Use the back of the page if more space is needed

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