Voted at the November 7, 2016 Meeting
President                                                       Roger Jobe
Vice President (Pres Elect)                        Steve Seitz
Treasurer                                                       Dick Kiessling
Secretary                                                       Linda Good

Volunteer Committee Chairpersons for 2017:

Audit                                           Cheryl Stockton, Bill Elster
Chaplain                                      Did not fill
Communications                          Steve Seitz
Dinner/Meetings                           By Host(s) - See Meeting Schedule
Membership                                 Mary Christians, Steve Seitz, EJ Pangle
Nominating                                  Brainstorming Group: Assorted interested Families
Publicity                                       Mary Seitz
Sunshine                                      Barbara Rinke
Travel Coordinator                       EJ Pangle (assisted by Steve)
Web Master (s)                           Steve Seitz, Barry McKinney, Craig Johnson
Christmas Party                           Mary Christians and Barbara Bushee


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