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For Sale:  Winegard Trav’ler automatic Multi Satellite Dish, Model SK-1000. 

Image result for Winegard Trav’ler automatic Multi Satellite Dish, Model SK-1000This came off of Jerry Gilbert’s Coach right after I purchased it from him.  This works only with Dish TV and I put a new one on my coach for DirecTV.  Jerry assures me it works but I have never used it.  $400 OBO.

Dennis VanLeeuwen 314-795-4686


For Sale:  Portable Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish with tripod stand.

Image result for winegard carryout2) signal out coax connections
Direct TV or Dish Network compatible
Direct TV receiver with RemoteUsed several times, but dropping satellite and going with Suddenlink.  Price: $200
Mark James 214-213-1070

  For Sale:  RVIBrake V2 Toad Braking System with wireless monitoring

RVI-2, comes with the unit that you use in the toad vehicle plus a wireless monitor that you monitor the actual brake device with in the motorhome.  Purchased  July 2019 for $1225.00 from RVI---used it 1 time for about 3 hours.  I no longer have the motorhome or the toad and i would like to sell this for $900.00.  I still have all the boxes ir came in and i will accept all offers. 
Mike Fleharty

For Sale:  Road Master Even Brake Proportional Braking System

Even Brake is the ultimate portable, proportional towed vehicle braking system. It automatically increases or decreases braking pressure in direct proportion to the motorhome.

In other words, it brakes evenly — at the same time, and at the same intensity, as you brake the motorhome.

Proportional braking is a distinct advantage over "on-or-off" systems, which brake at one preset level, no matter how hard the motorhome stops. Even Brake delivers full emergency braking when you need it, and won’t cause excessive brake wear when you don’t. Nobody brakes the same way every time — and neither does Even Brake.  Asking $425.00

Gerold Hooker
*********************************************** 02/03/20

For Sale:  50 AMP Items

50 Amp Extension Cord, 30’ long. Used twice. Like new. Sells for $121 on Amazon, asking $90.00

D. Tolliver
573 842-8657

*********************************************** 02/26/20

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