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Roadrunner Trips

We currently cater to 3 kinds of Trips.  Wagon Master, Join Me and Fly Byer.  Descriptions of each can be found below.  All of these trip types can be found on the Currently Scheduled Trip menu.

Wagon Master

Wagon Master trips are trips that have not only planned stops but also planned events for most days of the trip.  The Wagon Master will contact the RV Parks and get them to hold spaces so we can all be together but it is up to you to make your reservations.  The Wagon Master will also plan what to do or where to meet for dinners on most nights.  They will also plan activities for the trip.

Join Me

Join me trips are trips I have planned for myself and family but I don't mind if others join in and tag along.  On a join me trip I will tell you where I am going what I plan to do and I leave it up to you if you want to attend.  You will be responsible for making all of your reservations.

Wish Trips

Wish Trips are trips that you would like to attend if anyone ever puts a trip together to that location.  By registering for a Wish Trip you are indicating your interest in traveling to that location.  Wish trips are monitored by our Trip committee and when there is enough interest they will attempt to put that trip together.  These can be found on the Wish Trip page of the website.

Past Trips

Past Trips are just that, trips we have already taken.  If you are curious about trips to a certain place, please refer to our Past Trips or Trips before April, 1, 2019 pages found on the Trips Menu.  You will find information on over 100 trips our club has taken in the past.

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