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How Old Are Your Tires? 

Did you know that all tires have their “birthdate” molded into the sidewall? This is especially important information when it comes to RV tires, because they tend to “age out” before they wear out. 

Reading Tire Age

Look for a string of characters that begins with the letters “DOT” and ends with four digits. The first two of those digits identify the week the tire was manufactured, starting with week “01” in January, and the last two digits denote the year. So, for example, a tire produced in the 3rd week (January) of 2016 would be labeled 0316. If the tire is mounted with the date facing inward, you’ll need to crawl under the RV to see it.

Age shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining when tires need to be replaced. Usage issues such as load, speed, inflation pressure, miles traveled per year, and maintenance also play a role. Tire manufacturers recommend that owners keep a close watch on their tires and have them inspected regularly by a qualified tire specialist. Any tires in service 10 or more years from the date of manufacture should be replaced with new tires, even if they appear serviceable and have not reached the legal wear limit.


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